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Zomg Term Guide: An Understanding of Ring Usage and Other Crucial Subjects.


AoE= "Area of Effect" attacks                  *Distance attacks that affect far area* (AKA C.C rings, C.C= Crowd Control)

Rings under this category are...
Fire rain, Heavy Water Balloon,
Dervish, Diagnose, Taunt,

Semi-AoE = "Partial Area of Effect" attacks    *The area around whatever your main target is is affected at higher range ranks*
These cause short ranged damage to stacked
monsters or other closeby monsters nearly in the same range.  

Rings under this category are...
Slash, Scaredy Cat, Shuriken,
Quicksand, Duct Tape,
Guns Guns Guns, Hot Foot,
Hornets Nest, Gumshoe,

Heals = "Something to recover another players health as well as your own"    *Self healing ring Meat is considered a buff because it increases your stats, at r4 it pushes beyond your original health limit*

Rings under this category are...
Wish, Bandage, Defibrillate,

(you cannot revive yourself with Defibrillate, and you also cannot use wish on yourself.)

Attacks = "Head to head attacks"   *A one on one attack that effects ONLY ONE target*    (r1-r4 The ring will remain a one on one attack.)

Rings under this category are...
Knife Sharpen, Shark Attack,
Bump, Hunter's Bow, Solar Rays,

Passive Buffs = Rings that do not rage but only sit in your inventory increasing your own stats.
(you can recognize one by it seeming useless and only taking up a spot in your ring slots, but truly it benefits your stats.)

Rings under this category are...
Integrity,Forunes Favor,
Sugar rush, Fitness,

Buffs = Rings that can improve your stats, and other players stats depending on the amount of rage you use.  *effects crew members if on same page*

Rings under this category are...
Ghost, Improbability Sphere,
Pot Lid, Coyote Spirit, Keen Aye,
Turtle, Iron Will, Fleet Feet,
Rock Armor, My Density,
Teflon Spray, Divinity,
Healing Halo, Meat,

Rank is dependant on the rage meter which you hold your ring and release it in order to use a certain amount of power.
In order to charge your rage meter you must kill the animated and it will accumulate overtime.

There are 4 ranks of power in every ring

r1= rank 1
r2= rank 2
r3= rank 3
r4= rank 4

The only rings that never use r1-4 are PASSIVE BUFFS.

Hint: The animated refers to the monsters and mobs in the game.


As the game is first started by the user, we are taught how to use the first ring we aquire, which is Guns, Guns, Guns, Later on in the game
we are guided to the null and that is where we learn that our first upgrading resource is Charge Orbs. Charge Orbs can be earned by killing
the animated, and in some locations the drop amount is higher. There is also a salvaging option that completely discards of your rings if
there are too many of the same thing. Another addition is transferring levels. It is possible to transfer your level from one ring
to another.

-later in the game after the user has become CL (clan level) 10.0 the real challenge begins. Charge Orbs cannot upgrade your rings now.
the only item in the game that can break past CL 10.0 is Shadow Orbs, and the only place to obtain them is in DMS. DMS is a short
abbreviation for Deadmans Shadow the area is located in bills ranch and is accessed from inside DMP (Deadmans Pass) where you kill the boss named OMG. To get to DMS
you must enter two gates in order to reach the place. The only way to surpass the power of this area is with a crew, because it is not possible to do it alone.
Inside should be a cave and this cave is swarming with mobs all around, not only this but it is a maze.

Mapping for DMS...
Because DMS is a god forsaken maze that no one can navigate in any possible way due to hundreds of other possible routes, crews must hire
one mapper to keep track of location, this job requires attention and focus, because one messup can ruin the run. Here is an example of a
map you would be expected to read and be able to put together.


^when reading this map take note loop means you and your crew were led back to the same room that you came from which is R, while you are in
the room you choose a different door and that door is C the crack which puts you on a different path.

Here is how we read this map...
*keep in mind the map tells us the location of the doors to enter in a specific order, that way you dont get lost and stray whatever path your crew has made, also makes it more convenient to return to your crew if you die, instead of starting a entire new path*

E= Entrance *the first door you enter in DMS*

BL= Bottom Left

BR= Bottom Right

DE= Dead End *when there are no doors except for the one you came from*

M= Middle *located in the middle of the room

TR= Top Right

TL= Top Left

T= Top *a door that is only seen as a light at the top of the screen*

O, or X= One way *the only door other than the one you came from*

B= Bottom *a door that is only seen as a light at the bottom of the screen*

L= Left Door *the only left door in the room*

R= Right Door *the only right door in the room*

C= Crack  *usually seen in corners as a tight dark space*

BD= Big Door  *typically the biggest door you can see, and is seen with two torches*

LOOP or LP= A door that leads you back to the previous room you entered.   *this is the most complex mapping element.
                                                                          When loops are found you should look at your
                                                                          map and turn back according to its info, until you find a
                                                                          room with at least one other exit than the door
                                                                          you took in order to make the path.*    

As you practice this skill you will start to see maps easier and feel like it isn't hard at all to follow upon, and you can also take it as
your job. You can keep track of what doors your crew enters and write it down, or you can have someone else do it. So long as someone does
it your good. Sometimes it helps to use Shout in the chat for the map only, that way its easy to find the map when its needed.

Terms people might use to signal you, or things they might say,

YM= Yellow Maze *the first maze in DMS*

DMS= Deadmans Shadow

DMP= Deadmans Pass

GR= Green Room *the second maze in DMS* (unlike YM it has blood bats)

HPR= Hundred Percent Room *it is called this because this is a area where your avi is full sized and big.*


OMW/omw= on my way

^ this term is used when people are in a rush and they are literally running over to the crews location, on this note you should stay put
and wait for them, or just expect them to be there in a moment.

IN= The term used by tanks when this is said enter the room of which they are in *you must always wait for your tank before entering any*
                                                                                               room, tanks first always.

OUT= GTFO LEAVE GDI U GON DIE, XD well listen to the tank/aggro/kite and you wont.
When this is said by the tank you must return from the door you entered and go in only when told, this way you dont kill yourself or others.

Kite: A term meaning to run across a DMS room. (when this is said crew members should clear the way unless they want to receive damage.)

NF= Night Fright

BD= Outside of mapping this means Big Dog

BU= Backup Healer *heals the tank when needed if things go wrong*

Aggro= Hate *whoever is attacked by the mob has its aggro, this means that it will only hurt them, unless someone steals aggro from
           R4'ing a powerful attack or AoE* (this is why Tanks and Kites dont like when you R4 Attacks, and in DMS it shouldn't be done.*


Leave one vampire for tanks when there is a NF in the room, Tankers should NEVER go on BRB because this can kill your crew as well
as yourself.

Best Level?

Yes there is a preferred level when it comes to tanking, that level is 11.4, higher levels means you must supress your rank.

Constantly keep track of buffs and order crew members to R4 them, otherwise your stats will weaken and cause the run to be unbearably slow.
*can also cause death*

(NEVER! say IN until all of the monsters are attacking you and your sure, this will cause crew members to come in and take the aggro and
die from damage if done.)

Try to have 3/4ths of your health healed before saying IN.

Stay FAR AWAY from BD as much as possible, and if it chases you RUN until it gets stuck and you are a bit away from it.
(enough to not receive too much attack)

When Running say KITE, because if not your crew will stand in the way and receive all attacks from the mobs chasing you.

Reset- When resetting a mob you have to run across the screen until the monster stops chasing you and goes back to its spawn point,
If this is done you may say OUT to have your crew leave you to reset the mobs, this is commonly the case for NF. But you can also
have your crew stay in a corner while you run around until the monster stops chasing you and goes back to its spot. this resets the
monsters health and aggro towards you, after that you heal and buff and get ready to take aggro again.
(so keep track of where a mob is when you enter the room this could be useful.)


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